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Inhaling Essential Oils is one of the most effective ways to experience their lovely aromas and therapeutic benefits. The best way to inhale Essential Oils with the therapeutic qualities intact is to diffuse them into the air with a Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser. A Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser works by placing the essential oils you want into the water dish of the diffuser which the electronic frequencies then create vibrations that turn the essential oils into micro-molecules diffusing them into the air.


-Diffuser Size: 18cm High x 9cm Wide

-Capacity: 160ml

-Tank: PP (Hard Plastic)

-Humidification: 20-30ml/hour

-Ultrasonic Rate: 2.4Mhz

-Max Time: 3-5 hours (auto power off if water runs out)

-Lights: Coloured rotating LED lights

-Unit Weight: 510gm

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