Why should I consider talking to a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist  when all the information I need is on the internet? Well, the internet can’t see you as the unique individual you are, but a Naturopath/Medical Herbalist will. Your body’s systems don’t work in isolation, what affects one system may affect one or more other systems. Naturopathy is a holistic model of healing that takes into account your whole being:

physical, mental, emotional.


Taste Nature’s Herbal Dispensary in Dunedin is staffed by our Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists who are on hand Monday to Friday from 10 AM until 2 PM to provide acute health and wellness advice, and also provide a variety of herbs, herbal tonics and supplements if required to support healing and recovery.


We can help you to support all your body’s systems – your Skin, Muscles, Bones, Heart, Circulation, Digestion, Bladder & Kidneys, Nervous, Reproductive, Immune, Thyroid & Adrenals, and Lungs.


Our herbal fluid extracts are sourced from Aotearoa New Zealand, Ayurvedic, European and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) flora. These fluid extracts are variously manufactured from root, leaf, bark flower, resins, seeds, fruits, and fungal fruiting bodies. Our tea bar has a wide range of herbs that can be bought individually, consisting of root, leaf, flowers and fruits.


We stock a wide range of practitioner-only supplements including:

Phytomed, Medi Herb, Bio Practica and Eagle Blue.


We also stock a full range of the First Light Flower Essences 1 – 36. The First Light Flower Essences are a holistic healing essence that use the spirit of Aotearoa native flowers to support you emotionally and spiritually, restoring internal balance and harmony.


Naturopath’s Tracey Gear and Francisca Griffin are instore for over the counter advice, Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm.


Taste Nature’s Herbal Dispensary is located instore at: 131 High Street, Dunedin.

We look forward to seeing you instore.


131 High Street, Dunedin

03 474 0219





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