Aracaria 78 Garden Weeds


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The first priority of weed management is preventing the introduction of weeds. This requires vigilance on behalf of the gardener. Mechanical weed removal is the first and cleanest option. Always prevent existing weeds from seeding. Investigate smothering crops that can be planted to out-compete weeds. Weeds love bare or disturbed soil. Best to mulch such areas or plant out green manure. If chemical control is the only option, proceed with care and follow instructions. Chose the least toxic herbicide. Investigate biological options. Disposing of Weeds is a serious business. Don’t just dump garden waste over the fence. The waste may contain seeds, suckers or bulbs which may re-grow. Place the material in a black plastic bag, seal the bag and bake in the sun for a few days. Some seeds need to be destroyed by burning them.

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